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Review: Into the Dead

Into the Dead sprints from Gear VR to Oculus Rift, but this port of the endless runner was better left as zombie bait…

A highlight in the Samsung Gear VR’s videogame library, Into the Dead comes to Oculus Rift as an unexpected launch title. As with many of it’s mobile virtual reality (VR) brethren, the move to high-end systems is a questionable decision, as Pik Pok have sadly seen fit to simply dump the existing videogame in the PC-based Oculus Store without too much of a care.

When VRFocus say ‘dump’, we mean it. Into the Dead is a literally in-engine port of the Gear VR version to Oculus Rift. So much so, that the information screen depicting the use of head-movement to aim your weapon still show an image of the Gear VR upon the player’s head. ‘Lazy’ is an understatement.

And that’s a real shame, as Into the Dead was a hugely entertaining experience on mobile hardware. Here on Oculus Rift however, it’s out-paced by a significant margin. The gameplay is the identical – Into the Dead is still an endless runner, and still enjoyable – but it’s a difficult recommendation given the significantly more advanced competition on the high-end system.

The player endlessly runs through a field of zombies facing increasing numbers and more difficult terrain as they progress. Able to pick-up weapons and ammunition from crates scattered around their potential path, highlighted by a green flare, the player then uses headlook to aim their weapon. Furthermore, dogs can be acquired as a kind of auto-defence – running alongside and attacking zombies that might be in your way – in a similar fashion.

The same progression system is available here, too. The player will earn coins in exchange for distance travelled which can be spent on new weaponry, upgrades or pre-game bonuses. Furthermore, a selection of three objectives is presented before each mission which, when completed, will also offer new additions or bonuses. Several gameplay modes are also available, meaning that Into the Dead is a videogame that offers a compelling experience.

Into the Dead screenshot

Sadly, that experience is marred by poor quality visuals and lack of depth within the gameplay. Neither of these issues marred the Gear VR version of the videogame as, frankly, that lesser quality is what’s come to be expected from mobile hardware. Here on a desktop machine, it’s more than one disappointment too many. Into the Dead on Oculus Rift is far from the ‘definitive version’ we were promised.

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