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Rhythm Title Thumper Announced for PlayStation VR

It’s been fairly quiet recently regarding news from Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and its PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) for PlayStation 4. That’s likely to change next week with SCE’s press conference next week, during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2016 in San Francisco. Prior to that a new PlayStation VR title has been announced today by developer Drool called Thumper.

Writing on the PlayStation blog, Marc Flury the programmer and designer for Drool said: “Thumper is not only debuting on PS4. It’s also coming to PlayStation VR. To be honest, at first we weren’t sure whether Thumper would be a good fit for VR. We’ve spent the past few years obsessed with making Thumper the most intense two-dimensional experience possible. Wouldn’t a VR version be too intense? Well, against our better judgement, we recently got the game running on PS VR just to see. We can confirm that not only is it intense, it’s completely overwhelming!”

“Developing for PS VR has been so exciting because Thumper’s gameplay translates perfectly and feels amazing on high frame rate display. At the same time, VR transforms the experience in ways we didn’t expect. We’ll have more to say about Thumper VR soon, but one thing is for sure: the entire game will be playable in both 2D and VR,” he adds.

Thumper is described as a rhythm violence videogame that combines classic rhythm-action with breakneck speed and brutal physicality. Players are cast in the role of a space beetle that’s hurtling towards an insane giant head from the future.

VRFocus will continue to follow any further updates to Thumper, reporting back any announcements from Drool.

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