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Smash Media Releases First VR Film A Storytelling Continuum

Smash Media a content production house that specialises in creating branded media, has now decided to break into virtual reality (VR) with the release of a new film. For its first VR experience Smash Media has launched A Storytelling Continuum, 4 minute immersive story that is being distributed by Littlstar on its app and website.

A Storytelling Continuum was created with a strong narrative focus in mind by Executive Producer Michael G. Gray and Director J.L. Topkis. The short film centres on a camper out in the woods who meets a caveman, who has told tales around a campfire since the dawn of storytelling itself. As the pair begin to talk the film turns into an endless loop, similar to the stories that are passed down through the ages.


J.L. Topkis said in a statement: “A lot of virtual reality experiences focus on spectacle, but we’re specifically focused on storytelling. We always want to show why this story is a VR experience, instead of a traditional short.“

“I experienced VR for the first time almost a year and half ago, and I was immediately enamoured. I wanted to learn more, do more, and become a part of that world,” added Michael G. Gray

This won’t be the last VR film Smash Media will be releasing as Topkis and Gray are currently in post-production on their next 360-degree short. VRFocus will continue it coverage of Smash Media, reporting back the any new announcements.

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