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SmileBoom to Introduce New Game Creation Tool at GDC

SmileBoom Co.Ltd. has announced the upcoming unveiling of a ‘ brand-new game creation tool’, adding to the company’s SmileBASIC product line-up at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), San Francisco, later this month. The new tool will benefit a “work-in-progress” demonstration version running at SmileBoom’s booth.

“It is our very first time to make our company noticeable to the game developers in the US and we will take this opportunity to start our business in the US as a software developer,” states the official communication from SmileBoom. “Our belief is ‘Games make you SMILE’ and our missions are ‘Create games bringing SMILE to everyone’ and ‘Develop game-creation tools for the younger generation’. Our challenge will expand to the overseas from GDC.”

Hatsune Miku AR Stage screenshot

Very few details on this new tool are available at present, however SmileBoom suggest that their ‘expertise expands to VR, AR, a programming language and game-creating tools’. VRFocus will of course keep you updated with all the latest on any products from SmileBoom designed for virtual reality (VR) development.

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