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Sony Sets PlayStation VR Pre-Order Options for Different Weeks in US

Launch bundle this week, core unit next.

In some countries the PlayStation VR virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) for PlayStation 4 has already been available to pre-order for the past week. Listings were set up in the likes of the UK shortly after creator Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) confirmed that the device would be going on sale for $399 USD and releasing in October 2016. One country that hasn’t launched its pre-order campaign yet, however, is the US itself. According to SCE America (SCEA) itself, that will be changing as of today.

PlayStation VR headset

In a new post on the US PlayStation Blog, SCEA has confirmed that the PlayStation VR launch bundle will be available to pre-order for $499 at 07:00 PT today, 22nd March. The launch bundle includes the unit itself, a camera to track player’s positions, two PlayStation Move motion controllers used in many of the titles available, and a free videogame in PlayStation VR Worlds from SCE London Studio. The core release, though, will actually be launching pre-orders at the same time on 29th March. Both will be available through ‘participating retailers’.

It’s important to note that the camera is required to actually use PlayStation VR, though it’s very likely that anyone interested in PlayStation VR right now either picked one up in a bundle for PlayStation 4’s launch or has bought on separately since. The PlayStation Move controllers are only required for certain videogames, though there do seem to be a large number of these.

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