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Space X Hunter VR Comes To Google Cardboard

Google’s cheap and cheerful head-mounted display (HMD), the Google Cardboard, has been a success story for the virtual reality (VR) industry, represening the easiest and most cost effective way for the public to try this still emerging technology. If there is one downside to Cardboard it is whilst there are plenty of 360-degree videos to view, there are only a handful of dedicated videogames available for users to play. To change that, developer Nicolas Bennato and Creation 3D have launched Space X Hunter VR for Android.

Space X Hunter VR is a sci-fi shooter where you must defend solar systems from being annihilated by an evil force bent on destruction. The videogame is split into six separate missions, but the developer does note that further levels will be added soon. The controls are relatively simple, and all players need to do to fly their spaceship is move their heads, while weapons firing is automatic. Although for any Cardboard owners with a Bluetooth gamepad, this can also be used to fire the ships weapon manually if so preferred.

While most VR experiences require a smartphone to have a built in gyroscope to facilitate head-tracking (thus only certain devices are VR compatible), Space X Hunter VR doesn’t require such with the software employing a smart devices compass instead. How effective this is over the gyroscope remains to be seen, but it’s a novel approach to the problem.

Space X Hunter VR is completely free to download and play, and also comes with the added bonus that it features no advertising to spoil the immersion.

VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest VR projects from Nicolas Bennato and Creation 3D, as announcements are made.

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