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The Climb Developer Crytek Unveils New CryEngine Business Model

More news from Crytek with a new way for developers to use its software CryEngine.

News is starting to pickup from the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2016 today with Crytek’s press conference packed with new announcements. A new virtual reality (VR) title Project Sky Harbor has been unveiled, a new version of the studios middleware CryEngine V was announced and now a new business model for CryEngine users as well.

The new business model called ‘Pay What You Want’ (PWYW) was revealed by Frank Mitz. It seems its been designed around attracting indie developers who might not have the biggest budgets for creating videogames. Mitz suggests that if indies can’t afford to pay anything, they don’t have to.

Robinson: The Journey art

The full terms of how the process will work haven’t been detailed as yet, but with Crytek’s long standing support for VR, and the amount of small independent developers working in the industry, its good to see an international company of Crytek’s standing offering support in this way.

As further details emerge VRFocus will bring you the announcements as they happen.

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