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Unity Supports NVIDIA VRWorks

Unity Technologies has announced its support of NVIDIA’s VRWorks which will improve its engine for developers using the platform.

It seems that there is an abundance of announcements coming from Unity Technologies as on top of the news of the two updates for its middleware development software at GDC, it has also been announced today that the makers of the video game development engine will be adding support for NVIDIA VRWorks, making it easier for developers on that platform to produce projects.

This added support, which will be a direct integration of VRWorks, NVIDIA’s development kit for VR devs, includes: VR SLI, which provides increased performance for virtual reality (VR) apps where multiple GPUs can be assigned a specific eye to dramatically accelerate stereo rendering; and multi-res shading, an new rendering technique for VR whereby each part of an image is rendered at a resolution that better matches the pixel density of the warped image. Multi-res shading uses Maxwell’s multi-projection architecture to render multiple scaled viewports, improving performance massively.


Unity Technologies isn’t the only developer engine producers to support NVIDIA’s VRWorks as previously Epic Games also announced support in their Unreal Engine 4.

For more on the latest at GDC and all VR news check back with VRFocus.

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