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HTC Vive CV1 / HTC Vive Consumer Version

View a Full 3D Model of HTC Vive on Sketchfab

Explore an immersive 3D model of the HTC Vive headset and accessories from Sketchfab.

With the launch of the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) due to begin on 5th April, consumers who have pre-ordered the headset will be eagerly awaiting a close up look at their new headset. But if you’ve not ordered one yet and just want to get a close up look at the device then a 3D model on Sketchfab might be the next best thing.

Sketchfab is a 3D model visualisation and upload platform where artists can share their work. Uploaded by Virtual Studio recently is a 3D render of HTC and Valve’s HMD, the HTC Vive. Along with the headset the model also includes the two wireless motion-tracked controllers and the two Lighthouse Room Scale tracking units that complete the hardware kit.

The 3D model allows complete 360-degree rotation with zoom features to get a good look at all aspects of the device. Also included is a set of numbered highlight points that when clicked on give further information about their respective area. As VRFocus reported in January, Sketchfab has now added a virtual reality (VR) button to the platform allowing users to view the models in VR on a compatible mobile device, with a headset like Google Cardboard.

The company also plans to bring this VR support to other HMDs in the future, with Oculus Rift possibly the next inline. VRFocus will continue to cover the latest VR updates from Sketchfab, reporting back with the latest announcements.

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