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Virtuix Announces Launch Date for SeedInvest Funding Campaign

With virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs) finally preparing to rollout to the public, investment around products such as peripherals and software that are compatible with the devices is steadily growing. One company that’s enjoying this increased focus on funding is Virtuix, creator of the Omni motion platform. Over the past few months the company has been touting a mini-IPO funding concept, in which the general public can invest in the company. Today, Virtuix is announcing when it will move forward with that concept.


The company is set to launch a SeedInvest crowd-funding campaign on 23rd March 2016, and is looking to raise some $10 million USD through the platform. A maximum of $15 million has been set for the funding round. Indications of interest have pointed to raising some $29 million from 3,200 potential investors. That includes initial investors such as Scentan Ventures, Western Technology Investment, Tekton Ventures, and Scout Ventures.

“We receive frequent requests from our customers and supporters to buy shares in Virtuix, but before now we had to turn them away because of regulatory restrictions,” says Jan Goetgeluk, Founder and CEO of Virtuix. “We are thrilled that our community can now participate in our financial future and be part of the next chapter of our story.”

The Virtuix Omni can be picked up now for $699.99 USD. The product consists of a platform that users stand on and can then run on using a special pair of shoes that keeps them in one spot. Strapped into a harness, this allows players to run around in VR environments with a HMD such as the Oculus Rift on. Stay tuned to VRFocus for the latest on the project.

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