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VR One of Main Themes at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference

NVIDIA share the latest highlights for its GPU Technology Conference next month.

NVIDIA, one of the major graphics card companies who is focusing much energy on virtual reality (VR), will be holding the GPU Technology Conference next month in Silicon Valley, with many technical talks to be enjoyed, especially when it comes to VR. Highlights have been listed today by NVIDIA in their blog.

During the conference there will be ‘dozens’ of VR sessions and different ways for attendees to get involved with the latest storytelling tools, as well as a competition for $30,000 USD with eight VR teams entered to try and win the cash. A few of the highlights that have been listed on the blog are: one-of-a-kind “Audi VR Experience” featuring speakers from Audi alongside Zerolight CEO Darren Jobling on how the car makers use NVIDIA Quadro GPUs to make the virtual showroom; Jaunt CTO, Arthur van Hoff, will talk about the success of his firm; the ‘world’s largest VR cluster’ will be discussed by Peugeot’s Mattieu Mika and Alain Gonzalez with Dell’s Benoit Bastien; and Realities.io CTO, David Finsterwalder, and Daniel Sproll will talk about photogrammetry.

Audi VR experience advanced setup - 2

More news is to be expected in the run-up to GTC, 4th – 7th April in San Jose, however tickets are still on sale for the event.

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