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VR Tennis Online: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

All the latest Achievements, cheats, tips and tricks for Colopl’s VR Tennis Online on Oculus Rift.

Colopl’s Oculus Rift launch title, VR Tennis Online, is now available to download via Oculus Home. Featuring Oculus Achievements as standard, many of you will want to get a head start on collecting these icons of success. VRFocus has of course got you covered with the full Achievement list below.

VR Tennis Online launched on 28th March 2016, with a price of $24.99 USD. The videogame is rated ‘Moderate’ by Oculus VR’s Comfort Rating System.


Full Achievements List:

  • Tutorial Cleared
  • Tournament Victory Round 1
  • Tournament Victory Round 2
  • Tournament Victory
  • Singles Exhibition Victory
  • Doubles Exhibition Victory
  • Online Single Match Victory
  • Online Doubles Match Victory
  • Used a Killer Technique During a Match
  • Returned a Killer Technique During a Match
  • Win a Tournament as Haruto
  • Win a Tournament as Satsuki
  • Win a Tournament as Gale
  • Win a Tournament as Anita
  • Win a Tournament as Kogane
  • Win a Tournament as Mercury
  • Win a Tournament as Enzo
  • Win a Tournament as Titan
  • All Killer Techniques have been unlocked

VR Tennis Online Achievements

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