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Waltz of the Wizard Dev Reveals Title will be Free

Twisted Realms developer Aldin Dynamics will be releasing its next virtual reality videogame Waltz of the Wizard completely free.

Aldin Dynamics the studio behind Oculus Rift videogame Asunder: Earthbound and Gear VR release, Twisted Realms revealed in January its latest virtual reality (VR) project Waltz of the Wizard. While not directly mentioning any head-mounted displays (HMDs) the developer has now posted an update to two Reddit subs confirming support for HTC Vive with possible support for Oculus Touch. Aldin Dynamics has also stated Waltz of the Wizard will be free when it launches.

In the first Reddit posting on r/Vive the studio said: “Hey everyone — Waltz of the Wizard dev here. Thanks so much for all of your comments. We were going to clarify this in an upcoming interview, but we won’t leave you guys hanging! Waltz of the Wizard will be free.”

HTC Vive CV1

“There are many reasons for it, but a big one is that our company has a strong long-term vision for our content and we are very passionate about seeing the VR industry succeed. A huge factor in making VR successful is people having enough of fun content to play early on — so we designed the initial version of Waltz of the Wizard to be a good (and free) experience with a lot of diverse features that showcase what makes VR truly unique.”

While on the r/Oculus sub-Reddit Aldin Dynamics revealed it does have Oculus Touch motion controllers: “To address an obvious question for Rift users: I can confirm that our studio has Oculus Touch and we’re looking into it.”

There’s no released date yet for Waltz of the Wizard, but VRFocus will continue its coverage and report back any further announcements.

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