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Welcome to the new VRFocus!

VRFocus welcomes all our readers to the new look website.

It’s my pleasure today to unveil the new design of VRFocus! We’ve been promising it for months, and now it’s finally here. We’ve listened to your feedback and designed the new look and feel of the website with the needs of our readers at heart, and we hope you very much enjoy the new style.

Over the past 2 years VRFocus has become known as the go-to news resource for all the latest movements in the virtual reality (VR) industry, be it hardware or software, videogames and entertainment or industrial, educational or economic purposes. This isn’t going to change, however with the imminent launches of consumer grade devices, it was apparent that more attention needed to be paid to the placement of our hands-on previews and reviews. You’ll find these items handily located at the top of our new homepage listed in chronological order, so our many daily visitors will never have to worry about missing new content.

And with that also comes our feature content. The readers here at VRFocus have said time-and-again that we don’t make enough noise when in-depth features are posted, be they analytical, reactionary or even guest posts from prominent members of the VR industry. This is something we’ve considered changing for a long time, and now you’ll find all opinion content positioned together on the homepage.

Of course, these changes won’t harm the usability of VRFocus when looking for specific coverage. Our content is now divided by platform from the very top menu, and also the internal search engine has been refined to ensure the results pages are more direct. No longer is the search limited by body text, with tags, headlines and updates all inclusive in the search algorithm.

Content placement, discovery and website usability are all great concerns of this redesign, but what about the look? It’s been tidied; streamlined to aid reading and browsing both on PC and mobile devices. It’s a significant change, I’m sure you’ll agree, but there’s more yet to come. Unlike our previous design, this new VRFocus will allow for modular updates – both incremental and large in scale – so please do tell us how you feel about the redesign in the comments below!

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