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Shuhei Yoshida

SCE’s Yoshida Congratulates Oculus on Shipping

Head of Sony’s Worldwide Studios tweets Oculus VR staff on Rift shipping, Palmer Luckey mentions Kickstarter backers.

Tonight Oculus VR has been celebrating its first shipment of the consumer Oculus Rift in time for the launch this Monday, including Oculus VR’s CEO, Brendan Iribe, tweeting a picture of the first box to be sent out. In reaction to this, the President of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has congratulated Iribe on the milestone.

Shuhei Yoshida, President of SCE, responded on Twitter by including the big names of Oculus VR – Brendan Iribe, Palmer Luckey, Nate Mitchell, and Jason Rubin – and finished off the tweet with a waving ascii face, saying: “@brendaniribe @PalmerLuckey @natemitchell @Jason_Rubin Congratulations!!! ( ´ ? ` )?”.

Oculus Rift

Palmer Luckey has also taken to Twitter in celebration of the first shipment, and also pays tribute to those who invested from the beginning, saying: “Rifts are finally shipping to both pre-orders and Kickstarter backers! Getting ready to flood our servers with Rifters.”

The launch of each of the HMDs is a milestone in the growth of virtual reality (VR) as a whole and the top names in the industry are nurturing this with their comradery. Oculus VR has also partaken in this sense of community when head-mounted display (HMD) rivals HTC launched its pre-orders, with Palmer Luckey congratulating Shen Ye via Twitter.

The Rift is set to launch next Monday, so stay with VRFocus for the latest news and updates.

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