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A Legend of Luca Dev Details New Update Plans

New update will be coming of the HTC Vive title.

Legend Studio launched its virtual reality (VR) dungeon crawler A Legend of Luca earlier this on 5th April. The HTC Vive title has received plenty of mixed reviews, with VRFocus giving it a positive four stars. But some of the more negative comments have spurred the developer on to update the Room Scale functionality which has annoyed some gamers.

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On A Legend of Luca‘s Steam page the studio says: “So Luca has been getting a few mixed reviews, mainly due to the scaling of game not being what people expect.”

“It’s never good not to live up to expectations so I experimented with changing the scale to real world and introducing teleporting within the room.”

“Happy to report it works so well and feels so much better that I’ve decided to change the game to always use real scale.”

The new teleport functionality will be added in the next day or two for players to enjoy. Legend Studio also states: “As an added benefit, with full scale Luca will be able to support PlayStation VR and Oculus Touch when they come out.”

VRFocus will continue its coverage of A Legend of Luca, reporting back any further updates.

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