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Animal Rights Experience Factory Farm Comes To Gear VR and Cardboard

Caution: Does contain explicit imagery.

When it comes to the countryside there are few bigger ongoing stories than the battle for ethical animal treatment. For animals raised for food to be given a good life from birth to death and for that death to be as painless as possible. The debate between factory or ‘intensively’ farmed produce versus that of the more expensive free range variety goes on but whilst there is without question good farming practices there is also no question that there are those out there who care little of what the animal goes through.

Produced by San Francisco company Condition One, a new virtual reality experience called Factory Farm, now available on the Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard, goes undercover to see what can and does go on. Following Jose Valle, an undercover animal rights investigator, the 10 minute long experience looks into both pig farms and slaughterhouses.

As you can imagine it may not all be a pretty sight. Danfung Dennis, Condition One’s CEO and founder, summarised the experience. “Factory Farm is a highly emotional VR experience that invokes intense feelings of empathy. By using the power of presence to transport viewers into a slaughterhouse, we believe the technology can be used to widen our circle of compassion to include all species.”

Gear VR users can find Factory Farm via the Condition One app on the Samsung Gear VR, whilst for Google Cardboard owners it can be found here.



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