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Atlas Reactor VR Character Viewer screenshot 1

Atlas Reactor VR Character Viewer Receives New Character

Trion Worlds has today launched a new update for the Atlas Reactor virtual reality (VR) software, Atlas Reactor VR Character Viewer. A new character, Elle, is now available for fans of the videogame and VR character models.

Elle, the Enforcer, is a brutal assassin who uses a custom plasma gun to make as big a mess as possible. In the forthcoming Atlas Reactor, Elle’s lancer delivers tons of area-of-effect damage for high impact when combined with the variable range and spread of her plasma gun. Her Combat Reflexes allow her to dodge and attack with her plasma gun in the same turn.

Atlas Reactor Elle

If Elle does find herself without good targets, her Overcharge allows her to add bonus damage to her next plasma gun attack so that she can make up the damage next turn. To complement Overcharge’s ambushing capability the Lurker Drone is an invisible trap that the player can detonate remotely.

The Atlas Reactor VR Character Viewer allows users to check out all the videogame’s most wanted Freelancers (and their skins, styles, and skills) in full stereoscopic 3D. The application originally launched alongside the HTC Vive earlier this month and VRFocus will keep you updated on any further characters added to Atlas Reactor VR Character Viewer.

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