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Babel: Tower of Gods screenshot

Babel: Tower of Gods Introduction Trailer Revealed

Ruce reveals a particularly humorous trailer for Babel: Tower of Gods, now available via Steam Early Access.

Ruce has launched its debut virtual reality (VR) title, Babel: Tower of Gods, via Steam Early Access and along with it a brand new trailer for the videogame. A humorously delivered invitation to the world of Babel: Tower of Gods, the trailer showcases the unique roomscale gameplay offered by the HTC Vive.

Appearing like a VR version of Jenga, Babel: Tower of Gods casts the player as an omnipotent being in training. Your role is to thoroughly check the stability of each monument using your divine tools. You must carefully disassemble each tower piece by piece all while protecting the sacred totem; or as seen in the trailer, bash the building with unadulterated abandon.

Babel: Tower of Gods is currently available via Steam Early Access with no final release date announced. The introductory trailer follow below and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Babel: Tower of Gods.

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