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Project Arena

CCP Games Reveals ‘Project Arena’ Mixed Reality Test

Prepare for mixed reality Disc Wars, program…

It isn’t all spaceships, more spaceships and yet more spaceships at EVE Fanfest, nor is it – despite a number of news updates and sessions relating to them so far today – all about EVE: Valkyrie and Gunjack. In fact for CCP Games it wasn’t all about VR today either, as there was a slight surprise in the form of a new mixed reality (MR) test for a title called Project Arena.

Project Arena

The released test footage, which you can see below, showcases in MR a combat game which appears to be a combination of TRON’s Ring Game and Discs Of TRON – or alternatively a version of TRON Legacy’s Disc Wars with the player hurling a disc at an opponent directly or against walls to achieve an angle in the hopes of hitting them. The opponent being able to hurl their disc to intercept, move their body to avoid or defend with a shield mounted to their wrist.

We will have a preview of Project Arena later today. For now be sure to check out all the other news, videos and features released today on VRFocus and you can find more EVE Fanfest 2016 news here.

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