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Circumpaint Launches on Gear VR

Get artistic with this new app.

For Samsung Gear VR owners with an artistic flair there’s now a new painting and animation app for the mobile head-mounted display (HMD). Created by developer Gnometech Inc. Circumpaint has a unique twist to other virtual reality (VR) painting apps like Tilt Brush on HTC Vive, which is the fact that the user is surrounded by the canvas on which they design.

With the HTC Vive’s Room Scale positional tracking system users can create a 3D design in an app like Tilt Brush which they’re able to walk around. But as the Gear VR doesn’t have this feature, Gnometech Inc developed a hemispherical canvas with you at the centre.


Circumpaint features a range of painting a colour options. All of which can be accessed through the HMDs touch pad, or if you do have a Bluetooth controller shortcuts can be accessed.

The other main feature of the app is its animation function. This works in a similar style to page flipping, with control over frames-per-second, frame insertion, canvas size and more.

Circumpaint is available to download now from the Oculus Store, and VRFocus will continue its coverage on all the latest Gear VR titles.

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