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Coming Up On VRTV #4: Fierce Kaiju, Pool Nation VR & GDC Merch Bundle

Paul Colls and Gemma Jessop will be talking about Viral and Pool Nation VR.

The latest episode of VRTV concentrated heavily on the industry, and how developers can benefit from AMD’s virtual reality (VR) software and Virtual Umbrella’s VR-exclusive marketing. This week we open up to the consumer side of VR, including guests such as Paul Colls from Fierce Kaiju and Gemma Jessop of Cherry Pop Games, as well as the news round-up, winners of the GDC merch bundle, and a brand new competition.

Paul Colls, who previously worked for the likes of Rockstar Games and Activision, will be talking about Viral, the VR title developed by the studio he co-founded, Fierce Kaiju. Then joining is Gemma Jessop who handles the creative side of Cherry Pop Games, and she will be talking about the VR adaptation of the popular pool game, Pool Nation FX.

Also to be announced this episode are the two winners of the GDC merch bundle, consisting of shirts, badges, and stickers branded with popular VR names such as Oculus VR and SteamVR. The competition is now closed so any entries from today onwards will not be counted – but it is still interesting to hear answers.

Viewers can expect the latest VRTV to hit their screens by 3pm GMT this Thursday 7th April, but until then check out the latest on VRFocus.

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