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Coming Up on VRTV #5: Atom Universe, Dream Horse, Merge VR & More

Here’s what to expect from the new episode coming Thursday.

This forthcoming episode of VRTV features two developers who may be worlds apart but come together with interesting conversation, including Tanguy Dewavrin from Atom Republic to talk about the development of Atom Universe, the studio’s own vision of PlayStation Home, and to discuss what went well and not so well for the Early Access release. Also on the show is Chris Etches from FourthWall, developers of Dream Horse, which has been described as this generation’s virtual reality (VR) equivalent of Nintendogs.

Also featuring in this episode will be the announcement of the Merge VR head-mounted display (HMD) competition winner, courtesy of Virtual Umbrella, which proved to be a close call from the range of comments on both the VRFocus post and YouTube channel to the question of “What would be your ideal VR hangout?”. It must be noted that the competition has now closed but all comments posted now are still welcome. There will be another competition featured at the end of this episode to follow.

Catch VRTV this Thursday at 3pm GMT to watch all of the above as well as the fortnightly news round-up, but in the meantime check out VRFocus for the latest updates and news in VR.

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