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Condition One - Bison

Condition One Reveal ‘Bison’ Cinematic VR Camera

Bison allows for the creation of “a strong sense of presence”.

We’ve reported on Condition One previously on VRFocus, and now it seems that the studio is stepping up its virtual reality (VR) storytelling again with their newly announced professional cinematic VR camera, Bison.

The camera, which boasts to create ‘powerful and seamless immersive experiences’, is designed for near-field presence, 16 synced cameras, and films 360-degree stereoscopic 3D video at 48 fps. To prove its hardiness, the suitably named camera was field-tested capturing jaguars in Mexico and grizzly bears in Montana, all with 5.7K resolution.

Condition One’s CEO and Founder, Danfung Dennis, said in a press release: “Our professional camera is built to be robust and reliable in extreme and difficult environments; we recently field-tested capturing jaguars in Mexico and grizzly bears in Montana,” He goes on to say: “’Bison’ allows the production team to focus on getting close to the subject to create a strong sense of presence.”

The camera is to launch this summer, will only be available for professionals looking to make VR content, not the public, and Condition One will offer production services ‘from concept to final delivery’.

For more on the latest VR hardware stay with VRFocus.

Condition One - Bison Condition One - Bison Condition One - Bison

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