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Cyberith Virtualizer

Cyberith Reveals HTC Vive Integration

A rare update from the Cyberith team is posted today.

It’s been a while since VRFocus reported any updates from omni-directional treadmill developer Cyberith on its Virtualizer project. One of the reasons is due to the company’s sporadic posting of updates via its Kickstarter page, but today Cyberith has now revealed the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) has been integrated.

In today’s update the Cyberith team wrote: “We have fully integrated the HTC Vive with the Virtualizer. Being able to use the hand controllers along with the HMD whilst in the Virtualizer adds a whole new dimension to the immersive VR experience.”

Virtualizer 3_Header

Alongside adding HTC Vive compatibility Cyberith also unveiled a new video for its tech demo Acan’s Call using the HMD and its motion-tracked controllers. And the company revealed the software improvements it had made to movement tracking, aiding the accuracy.

While this has been the first update this month its only the second of 2016, with the last in February and prior to that November 2015. Understandably since the successful Kickstarter campaign finished in August 2014 backers have been eager to get their hands on the Virtualizer which was initially due to launch in March 2015. It’s still currently unclear when Cyberith plan on launching the treadmill but VRFocus will bring you further details as they become available.

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