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CoSpaces Collaboration in VR © Delightex

Delightex Reveals VR Development Platform CoSpaces

New VR building app coming to mobile devices this month.

If you’re interested in creating virtual reality (VR) experiences there’s several ways of going about it. Big name middleware development engines like Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, Crytek’s CryEngine or Unity are three of the biggest and most popular, but there’s also other options available as well. Now Delightex, a VR startup based in Munich and St. Petersburg has announced a platform for simple content creation called CoSpaces.

Available to download at the end of April, CoSpaces allows users to build VR environments without the need for programming or design skills. The app works with preset items: geometrical objects as well as figures, animals or text boxes which can be arranged on a stage, customized or put together in order to create new objects.

CoSpaces Real-time synchronisation across devices © Delightex

CoSpaces will support both Android and iOS platforms when it launches, and once you’ve built your world pop your smartphone into a head-mounted display (HMD) like Google Cardboard to view your work. Content can also be viewed without a headset, by moving and tilting the smartphone. It’ll also be available as a web-based app so that alterations can be made on the fly while some is viewing your design on mobile.

While CoSpaces will only support viewing through Goggle Cardboard style HMDs to begin with, Delightex is also working on support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR.

VRFocus will bring you any further details on CoSpaces as announcements are made.

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