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Ex-Bioware Dev Founds VR Studio: Ractive

Former Cinematic Director at BioWare makes the jump into independent VR development.

Former Cinematic Director at BioWare, Jonathan Perry, has established a brand new studio dedicated to virtual reality (VR) development, it was revealed today on VRFocus’ own VRTV. The new studio, based in San Antonio, Texas, will develop brand new IP specifically for the emerging VR videogame scene.

Having previously worked on interactive cinematic sequences at BioWare, most recently as Cinematic Director for Dragon Age: Inquisition, Perry has founded the studio to create new videogame experiences afforded by the medium of VR. In addition to developing VR videogames and experiences, Ractive also works with studios that are interested in using VR to allow players to interact with the worlds, characters, and story they’ve created.

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“It’s an approach that allows us to build unique experiences from the ground up for VR, but using established IPs and existing game assets as a starting point,” stated Perry when discussing the new studio with VRFocus.

Ractive is developing a variety of virtual reality experiences for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. “I’m most excited about the interactive potential for VR that comes with hand controllers and room scale. We’re also experimenting with performance capture and full body tracking in VR using the Perception Neuron.”

Ractive has not yet announced any projects, however Perry did reveal that Unreal Engine has been chosen as the development platform for all internal projects. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest from Ractive.

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