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Facebook CEO Envisions VR/AR Crossover Device

Facebook founder talks about the future of VR and AR.

Today Facebook is holding its annual developer conference F8, and the opening keynote was presented by the company’s founder Mark Zuckerberg. During his speech he naturally mentioned virtual reality (VR) and how Facebook sees the technology as an important part of social media in the future. Whilst talking about VR Zuckerberg also mentioned augmented reality (AR) and how he envisions a crossover device with VR.

With the consumer release of Oculus Rift a couple of weeks ago VR is beginning to get a lot more attention than ever before, and the CEO sees the form factor decreasing over the next ten years to that of glasses. He also thinks these future VR devices will combine with AR tech to provide a simple all-in-one solution where people can immerse themselves in virtual worlds then switch interactive digital content in the real world.


There’s still a long way to go before both technologies could be combined in a device which resembles a pair of glasses, but with companies the size of Facebook investing in making it a reality that might not be too much of a stretch.

VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest announcements from Facebook and Oculus VR and details are released.

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