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The Soulkeeper VR

Fantasy Comes Alive In Sword & Sorcery RPG The Soulkeeper VR

HELM Systems’ prototype bubbles with potential in this trailer.

Most fantasy games see you move in one of two combat directions. You can pick up a sword and cut a bloody swathe of justice or vengeance throughout the land. Alternatively you can use the powers of your mind and the ancient texts of an lost people to command magic to perform great feats – usually involving some sort of fireball. With virtual reality (VR) of course everything is somewhat more immersive. You’re the one waving your hand around; you’re the one controlling the blade or conjuring the spell and if the prospect of that excites you, you may very well be interested in The SoulKeeper VR.

Currently at the prototype stage, and powered by Unreal Engine 4, this room scale HTC Vive title created by HELM Systems sees you take on puzzles, wizards, monsters and dragons with nothing but your skill in an Elder Scrolls-like fantasy world.

We’ve not long ago discussed on VRFocus about the possibility of VR making traditional RPG’s look a little pedestrian in comparison (“How VR Has Ruined RPGs”) and it seems we could well have another title to add to the list of those with such potential. You can see the trailer, again from the prototype, below. VRFocus will bring you more on this title in the future.

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