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Vanishing Realms - Rite of Steel screenshot

First Update for Vanishing Realms: Rite of Steel On HTC Vive Released

New update arrives for Vanishing Realms: Rite of Steel.

Indie developer Indimo Labs has had a positive response to its virtual reality (VR) title Vanishing Realms: Rite of Steel from the Steam Community. The HTC Vive supporting title launched the same day as the head-mounted display (HMD), and since then the studio has taken onboard queries from players on how to improve the videogame. Today sees the launch of the first update, with a bunch of improvements and fixes.

Vanishing Realms - Rite of Steel screenshot

In the update list Indimo Labs highlights these new additions: “a new expandable visual inventory system, ‘family friendly’ support for multiple save games, new melee weapon dynamics, monster movement changes, haptic feedback support, in-game checkpoint visualizations, improvements to auto pause, new system to maintain comfortable wall distances when teleporting, misc bug fixes.”

The studio has stated not all issues that have been found are addressed in this first update, but further feedback from players is always needed.

Indimo Labs is run by one-man, Kelly Bailey, who used to be Senior Game Designer of Sound and Music at Valve. Designed soley for VR Vanishing Realms: Rite of Steel is a role-playing game (RPG) set in a rich fantasy world. In it players will be able to make full use of the HTC Vive’s Room Scale motion-tracking system Lighthouse, for melee and magical combat.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Vanishing Realms: Rite of Steel, reporting back any further updates.

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