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Future EVE: Valkyrie Updates Revealed

Carrier Assault is talked about in more detail with hints into new upgrades.

The EVE Fanfest kicked off today and there has been a good amount of virtual reality (VR) reveals to come out of the main keynote presentations. CCP’s most popular VR game, EVE: Valkyrie, received special attention today with the reveal of a range of big and small updates to be added over time.

During the Valkyrie – Assaulting the Senses presentation today it was announced that the flagship VR game will receive a new gameplay mode called Carrier Assault. The new mode concentrates on the aggression towards enemy respawn units as teams will go through three phases to take down carriers: the ‘skirmish phase’ is to get shields offline, followed by the ‘attack phase’ where teams will target points of the enemy’s carrier, to then result in the ‘breach phase’ where players will run through an access tunnel to attack the core inside of the ship.

EVE Valkyrie - Carrier Assault

During the presentation, CCP Newcastle’s Andrew Willans, the Lead Game Designer of EVE: Valkyrie, said “Matches are never one sided,” and went on to say “There’s a new ebb-and-flow to the matches.”

In addition to Carrier Assault, Willans also announced other updates including new mechanics and “game ingredients”, ships, ship upgrades, ship classes, and community-driven content. He said during the presentation: “The players are having a huge voice as to what content we make and how we deliver it.”

Carrier Assault and the other mentioned upgrades haven’t been given a specific date of release but stay with VRFocus for the latest EVE: Valkyrie news and updates.

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