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Life In 360°: Take A Look Around Mars With NASA’s Curiosity Rover

Take a look around the martian landscape thanks to NASA’s rover.

Friday’s Life In 360 is heading out of this world, in fact it’s heading to the next one along. As thanks to NASA for the second time in as many days we’re heading to Mars. America’s space agency has produced a new 360 degree video, although in this case more a photo, stitched together from images taken by its Curiosity Rover.

Whilst the durability of the Rover itself is impressive, already having operating at twice its intended mission time, the resulting panoramic shot is more so. Despite the range of it’s arm being somewhat limited, Curiosity’s reveals an astounding view of the martian landscape, with superimposed graphics labeling each rocky area.

Life In 360° will be back on VRFocus next week.

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