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Headbangerz Game added to Daydream.VR App

New mini-game added to Daydream.VR app.

Back in November VRFocus reported on developer Daydream.io Corp launching a music virtualiser app on Android and iOS platforms called Daydream.VR, transforming users music collections into a virtual reality (VR) experience. Now the company has announced a new videogame within the app called Headbangerz.

Headbangerz allows you to take the music stored on your device and put it into an on-rails coin collection mini-game. Following a rainbow coloured track, you collect the coins littered around by moving an indicator onto them with head movements.

Headbangerz - Daydream.VR

V Owen Bush, CEO of daydream.io commented: “We are always learning from our passionate user base of over 50,000 users. The addition of Headbangerz is a new direction in Music Powered VR games.” While Ignacio “Nacho” Platas, Chief Product Officer of daydream.io, added: “Headbangerz calculates the tempo of your music and places BEATCOINZ to coincide with each beat so you can bang your head up and down left and right in order to catch the incoming eye candy! ”

Daydream.VR is free to download and a basic version of Headbangerz is also free which includes a promotional track. A premium version of the experience can be purchased in-app for $1.99 USD which gives access to further features.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Daydream.io’s VR experiences, reporting back with any further updates.

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