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Heaven Island Life Launches for Vive on Steam

Explore the beach and chill out either by yourself or with other players.

It’s that time of year you’re thinking about booking a holiday, but it might be worthwhile skipping the hassle of packing your bags when there are scenic virtual reality (VR) experiences that can transport you anywhere, such as the newly released Heaven Island Life for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD).

Heaven Island Life is an MMO that allows the user to explore a sunny island in your own pace, and it is explained that the inspiration for the environments comes from the Renzo Piano designs and from the book Origins of Architectural Pleasure. The idea is that time has ceased which will let the player ‘search their soul’, but as this is an MMO players can also connect with other island-goers.

heaven island life

The title is available on Steam for $0.99 USD. For more new on HTC Vive releases stay with VRFocus.

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