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Job Simulator Reveals Twitch Support Update, Fixes and Additions

You’ve got gloves, but what about a hat? Owlchemy Labs have you covered.

Since the launch of the HTC Vive some weeks ago one of the titles to receive a lot of attention from press and fans alike is Owlchemy Labs’ title Job Simulator.

 The title, which whose popularity has likely been helped in part by its inclusion in a pre-order bundle deal with Fantastic Contraption and Tilt Brush, sees players take on the comically exaggerated roles of an Office Worker, Gourmet Chef, Automotive Mechanic and Convenience Store Clerk as portrayed by a future robot organization that isn’t quite accurate on what went on back in our present day.

Job Simulator has also proven popular with Let’s Players, with several notable YouTubers having now demonstrated the title. In order to continue this and to encourage interaction on live streams the team has implemented Twitch chat within the game itself allowing players to keep the immersion and not be forced to take off their Vive HMD.

A number of bug fixes and other additions were revealed in the update, including the addition of intractable headwear on NPCs. Users could already interact and wear the glasses and other eyewear of characters within the game.  VRFocus will continue to bring you news and updates relating to Job Simulator.

Job Simulator - Twitch Chat


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