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Kite & Lightning Reveal First Bebylon: Battle Royale Gameplay Footage

Kite & Lightning reveal the debut gameplay footage from the VR exclusive title, Bebylon: Battle Royale.

Kite & Lightning revealed their debut videogame project late last year, yet little else has since been heard about Bebylon: Battle Royale. That changes today, as the studio has revealed the first gameplay footage from the upcoming virtual reality (VR) exclusive.

Speaking of the reveal, Kite & Lightning co-founder, Ikrima Elhassan, offered VRFocus readers the following: “Hey guys, we’re finally showing you some early concept/WIP of what the game will be like. This is what we’re showing at VRWC. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be diving into more details about the game!”


The first official gameplay footage from Bebylon: Battle Royale can be seen below, with more expected to follow within weeks. The videogame is currently targeting multiple head-mounted displays. VRFocus recently went hands-on with Bebylon: Battle Royale and will bring you a preview later today.

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