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Oddworld Creator: Sony Will be “first ones to win VR”

Lanning believes headsets will evolve rapidly but PSVR will conquer all.

There is always going to be rumours surrounding potential developments in the virtual reality (VR) industry and one of the most discussed rumours is of PlayStation 4K (PS4K). When Lorne Lanning, Co-Founder and President of Oddworld Inhabitants, was asked about PS4K and PlayStation VR (PSVR) he was pretty adament in his belief that PSVR will be the most successful of VR head-mounted displays (HMD).

During a podcast the Oddworlds developer went as far as to say “Sony is clearly staying in the game business and actually they’ll be the first ones to win VR. I have zero doubts about this.” He goes on to explain that the reason for their inevitable success is that Sony is already well established and knows how to deliver product. He also said “I’ve played some of the latest VR titles just a month or so ago at Sony’s and they are damn well good enough to sell and to get people to buy PS VR, I guarantee you.”


This discussion was born from the initial point of whether or not he thinks PS4K was likely to materialise and what would VR be like in five years from now: “The thing I’m pretty convinced about is that VR headsets are going to change at a similar frequency to how fast smartphones change. The headset is going to be upgraded at a rapid rate.”

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