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OSSIC Launches Pre-Orders After Successful Campaign

The campaign has resulted in the ‘most successful Kickstarter campaign for a VR product to date’.

It wasn’t long ago since the start of OSSIC’s Kickstarter campaign launch for its OSSIC X headphones, and now it has proved more than successful now that it has concluded with $2.7m USD donated and has announced it will be taking pre-orders.

The Californian hardware developers created the OSSIC X headphones for video games and music in VR and saw more than 10,000 backers pledge more than what the Oculus Rift initially raised when it took to the same crowdfunding site. The headphones can accurately recreate sound for an individual just as they would hear it in real life, with the addition of built-in head tracking to enhance the immersive experience.

ossic x 2

Jason Riggs, CEO of OSSIC, said in a press release: “OSSIC X headphones, coupled with the Rift, the Vive and PSVR, create the most immersive VR experience possible and we are excited to deliver these headphones to those enthusiasts that believe in our product. We thank you, our backers, for helping to make OSSIC a reality.”

OSSIC will be at Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) next week demoing prototypes of its headphones, and they are available for pre-order at $299 USD from today. OSSIC also started a referral program where backers and those who pre-order can receive a $20 discount on their orders by referring a friend.

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