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PaintLab screenshot 1

PaintLab Launches On Steam For HTC Vive

Try your hand at this free painting app.

If you love virtual reality (VR) and have an artistic creative streak in you then the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) is a good device to look at. With the headsets Room Scale positional tracking applications like Tilt Brush, Modbox and SculptrVR give an immersive tool box to use and create. And today sees the launch of a new design application called PaintLab.

PaintLab screenshot

Created by LAB4242 PaintLab allows you to paint or sculpt your own creations. You can build 3D objects as small or as big as you like, completely move around them, pick them up and photograph them to then share. There’s a pre made Volkswagan van to spray paint if sculpting isn’t your thing, with a variety of brush to tryout different styles.

As you build or paint whatever you like it can recorded and streamed so that others can see your skills, or learn from those really adept at using the HTC Vive to bring ideas to life.

PaintLab is completely free to download and use, with LAB4242 adding regular updates to improve on the experience. VRFocus will bring you further coverage of PaintLab as new additions become available.

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