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Perfect Moon Releases for Gear VR

Fling yourself between planets and trapezes in VR.

As if virtual reality (VR) wasn’t difficult enough to get used to with issues of motion sickness from excessive movement, Will Sykes Games decided to take a physics-based mobile game and apply it to VR, Perfect Moon VR Edition, and it is now available in the Oculus Store for download on the Samsung Gear VR mobile-based head-mounted display (HMD).

Perfect Moon VR Edition concentrates on gravitational physics, the player can jump from the floor to the ceiling, swinging from trapezes to advance through stages in the videogame. The VR version merges the classic and minimalistic 2D aesthetic with a full 3D environment of virtual reality, so it doesn’t miss out on any of the original gameplay.

perfect moon

Perfect Moon VR Edition is free to play and is available on Oculus Home and on Google Play for mobile downloads.

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