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PlayStation’s Richard Marks Headlines Experiential Technology and Neurogaming Expo

PlayStation Magic Lab Director heads to XTech 2016

This year’s Experiential Technology and Neurogaming Expo (XTech 2016), San Francisco, is set to take place next month, offering participants an updated view of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) for health, wellness, learning, training, sports and entertainment. Headlining the bill is PlayStation Magic Labs’ Director, Dr. Richard Marks, as well as speakers from MindMaze, STRIVR and DeepStream VR.

XTech 2016 will offer attendees the chance to hear and see how VR, AR, AI, neurotech, and wearables are improving human performance in a variety of industries and across all demographics. Over 600+ CEOs, developers, investors, and neuroscientists will attend the event 17 – 18th May 2016, at City View at Metreon in San Francisco. You can register for XTech here and the full line-up of speakers for the event follows below. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details from the show.


Keynote: Peak Performance Living

  • Tim Ferriss, Bestselling Author, 4 Hour Workweek in conversation with Adam Gazzaley

Digital Reality (VR, AR, MR) Platform for the Masses

  • Richard Marks, Director, PlayStation Magic Lab, Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Jim Marggraff, CEO, Eyefluence
  • Tej Tadi, CEO, MindMaze
  • Stefano Baldassi, Director of User ResETNE)earch, Meta
  • Moderator: Jayson Chi, Head of Interactive Entertainment Global, McKinsey

XTech for Peak Athletic Performance

  • Andy Walshe, Head of Human Performance, RedBull
  • Daniel Chao, CEO, Halo Neuroscience
  • Michael Casale, CSO, STRIVR
  • Chris Boone, CEO, SenseLabs
  • Moderator: David Ewing Duncan, Writer, New York Times, Best-selling Author

Digital Therapeutics: Healing the Mind

  • Corey McCann, CEO, Pear Therapeutics
  • Eddie Martucci, CEO, Akili Interactive
  • James Blaha, CEO, Vivid Vision
  • Tom Insel, Director Clinical Neuroscience, Verily
  • Matthew Stoudt, CEO, AppliedVR
  • Moderator: Caroline Chen, Reporter, Bloomberg News

Think 2.0: Cognitive NeuroGaming

  • Guilio Ruffini, President, Neuroelectrics
  • Olga Peshé, CAO, Cerevrum
  • Eric Gordon, Founder & CEO, Atentiv
  • Erman Misirlisoy, Chief Science Officer, PEAK
  • Moderator: Dirk Janssen, Thought Leader, Pivotal Labs

Investing in Experiential Technology

  • Deborah Quazzo, Founder & Managing Partner, GSV Advisors
  • Peter Hébert, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Lux Capital
  • Sunny Dhillon, Principal, Signia Venture Partners
  • Ori Inbar, Founder, Super Ventures
  • Tipatat Chennavasin, Co Founder & General Partner, The Virtual Reality Fund
  • Moderator: Andrew Firlik, General Partner, JAZZ Venture Partners

Emotional Analytics: Coding and Decoding Experiences 

  • Patrick Sebastian Hilsbos, CEO, Neuromore
  • Peter Hartzbech, CEO, iMotions
  • Alexander Haque, Director Developer Relations, Retinad
  • Fred Spencer, CEO, Ease VR
  • Moderator: Josh Tucker, Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

Accelerated Learning: XTech for Competitive Advantage 

  • Sam Glassenberg, CEO, GTX: Surgery
  • Dhiraj Jeyanandarajan, CEO, Qneuro
  • Luis Oros, Product Owner, Future Technologies at Pearson plc
  • Amy Kruse, VP & CTO, Cubic Global Defense
  • Moderator: John Cammack, Managing Partner, Cammack Associates, LLC

Deep Research into Wellness and Learning 

  • Rosalind Picard, ScD, Director Affective Computing Research Group, MIT
  • Fumiko Hoeft, MD PhD, Associate Professor, UCSF
  • Clifford Saron, PhD, Director Center for Mind and Brain, UC Davis
  • Session Chair: Sophia Vinogradov, MD PhD, Vice Chair Dept. Psychiatry, UCSF

Validated NeuroWellness: A New Frontier 

  • Chris Berka, CEO, Advanced Brain Monitoring
  • James Poole, CEO, NuCalm
  • Nuri Djavit, CMO, Emotiv
  • Howard Rose, CEO, DeepStream VR
  • Moderator: Nikhil Sriraman, IP Analyst, SharpBrains

Meditative Minds for Expanding Human Potential 

  • Evian Gordon, CEO, Brain Resource
  • Tracy Rosenthal-Newsom, Chief Product Officer, Interaxon
  • Kelley McCabe Ruff, CEO, eMindful
  • Tim Chang, Managing Director, Mayfield Fund
  • Richard Fernandez, Co Founder and President, Wisdom Labs
  • Moderator: Charlie Hartwell, Operating Partner, The Bridge Builders Collaborative

Deep Research Into Human Performance

  • John Krakauer, PhD, Director BLAM Lab, Johns Hopkins
  • Martin Paulus, MD, Professor Psychiatry, UCSD
  • David Eagleman, PhD, Director Laboratory for Perception and Action, Baylor
  • Session Chair: Adam Gazzaley, MD PhD, Director Neuroscape Lab, UCSF

Experiential Entertainment: Full Immersion

  • Japheth Dillman, CCO, Yetizen
  • Anush Elangovan, Founder and CEO at Nod Labs
  • Theresa Duringer, CEO Temple Games
  • Moderator: Mack Flavelle, Founder, Hammer & Tusk


PLUS nearly 40 amazing companies in the Expo  and cutting edge research posters

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