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Portal Stories - VR screenshot

Portal Stories: VR Launch Date for HTC Vive Re-Scheduled

Fans of the puzzle title will now have to wait a little longer.

At the start of April VRFocus reported on Prism Studios’ puzzle title Portal Stories: VR would be heading to the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) on its launch date of 5th April. That didn’t happen as the developer issued a statement saying it wanted more time to polish the videogame before releasing it. So now the title has a new release date in a couple of weeks time.

A new date of Thursday 28th, April 2016 is listed on its Steam page and that is likely to work in Portal Stories: VR favour. By then more customers should have received their HTC Vive’s, giving a larger install base, and those users that have already got their HMDs will probably be looking forward to new releases by then. And as the title is set in Valve’s Portal universe it’s likely to get a lot of attention.

Portal Stories - VR screenshot 1

Portal Stories: VR stems from an official mod called Portal Stories: Mel Prism Studios made for Portal 2. The new virtual reality (VR) version will feature ten new puzzles that have been designed to ideally suit the HTC Vive’s Room Scale positional tracking system. The studio has created the “Aperture Science Instant Teleportation Device” and the “Aperture Science Apparatus Retrieval Tool” to aid in the puzzle solving process.

Portal Stories: VR will be free to play and VRFocus will continue its coverage of all the latest HTC Vive news and announcements.

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