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Production on VR Film Trinity Announced

A live-action film is now in production for VR devices.

Virtual reality production company UNLIMITED, with support from the Canadian Media Fund (CMF) and Rex Media Capital has announced the start of production for a live-action interactive film project shot in 360-degrees.

Called Trinity, UNLIMITED is looking to create a sci-fi experience that allows viewers to get involved with the story rather than just being a spectator, altering the course of events as they unfold.


“Virtual reality is an amazing new medium, a complete platform shift really. It compares to the dawn of cinema and television or more recently, the internet. That’s how huge it will be.” said John Hamilton, President and Co-founder of UNLIMITED. “To ensure we create the most amazing VR experience possible, we’ve brought together some of the best talents from both the cinema and video game industries.”

“Once we saw the potential of what we could create with VR, we set out to build new camera technology and develop innovative techniques for filming,” said Sebastien Gros, VP Technology and Co-founder of the firm. “The interactive and immersive aspects we’ve designed for Trinity are cutting-edge in both the field of VR and in filmmaking technology.”

Further details on Trinity are currently sparse, with the team giving a December 2016 release date for the project. Support will come to a variety of formats including Android, iOS, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and PlayStation VR.

VRFocus will continue to bring you further details on Trinity as we get them.

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