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Samsung Launches Milk VR on Google Play But Doesn’t Include Cardboard Support

For viewing videos without Gear VR.

Though plenty of developers are submitting new videogames for the Gear VR mobile-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), co-creator Samsung seems more interested the movie side of VR for the device. Back in 2015 the company launched a new 360 degree video streaming app named Milk VR, which it has since been working on providing high-profile content for such as its GONE miniseries. This week the company has extended the reach of that app, though with some notable restrictions still in place.


Samsung has launched Milk VR on Google Play in the US for viewing videos without Gear VR itself. You can watch clips either by tilting your phone or dragging the camera with the touchscreen. Sadly, it appears the app is only available on Samsung phones at this point in time, and the company hasn’t included any type of compatibility for other mobile-based HMDs such as Google’s popular Cardboard concept. You can download any videos to view on your Gear VR the next time you have it on you, though.

It’s not the first time Samsung and Oculus VR have shunned Google Cardboard. Last year saw Facebook, owner of the latter company, launch 360 degree videos on its social networking site. This new media supported Gear VR when the consumer version of the kit launched in November, but didn’t feature any support for Google Cardboard. It certainly seems as if the pair intend to keep their 360 degree content separate from other platforms, then.

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