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Study Shows VR Can Relieve Pain Using Sound

Put on your HMD and turn up the volume to dull the pain.

This isn’t something that hasn’t been acknowledged or discovered before that sound in virtual reality (VR) can be deeply immersive with headphones being specially developed for VR experiences, but now it has been researched and published that sound in VR can in fact relieve pain.

VR medical implications have been explored in depth, and this is the latest study to emerge regarding the development in professional tech. According to a study by Johnson and Coxon, published by Royal Society Open Science, when someone becomes immersed in a videogame in VR it can be used as a distraction from pain experienced – and one of the videogames used was Radial-G.

Radial-G: Racing Evolved

The trials that took place included dipping participants’ hands in cold water for as long as possible. Their tolerance was measured in time, and in comparison to the timing without sound, the inclusion of sound in VR helped with the pain management.

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