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The Lab

The Lab: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Uncover two hidden rooms in Valve’s critically acclaimed The Lab for HTC Vive.

Valve’s The Lab launched alongside the HTC Vive as a mini-game compilation set in the Portal universe. Showcasing a number of gameplay designs unique to virtual reality (VR) and the capabilities of the head-mounted display (HMD), The Lab has received a great deal of acclaim since release, including a review from VRFocus.

The Lab is exclusive to the HTC Vive and available to all for free. The Lab does not feature any Steam Achievements but does hide a number of Easter Eggs and notable additions.

The Lab screenshot

Hidden Room 1: Valve Demo Room

The first hidden room featured in The Lab is fairly simple to discover. When in the main Lab from which you can access all of the mini-games available, turn to the yellow wall with a blue noticeboard held upon it. On the left hand side a cable will be hanging from the ceiling: plug this cable into the red valve on the bottom left of the yellow wall and turn the valve. A portal will appear allowing you to travel to a photogrammetry version of Valve’s infamous testing room for the early HTC Vive prototypes.

 The Lab screenshot

Hidden Room 2: Valve Demo Room 2

When in the above hidden room you’ll find a virtual recreation of an early HTC Vive prototype. Lift this to your head as if it was a portal and you’ll be transported to another room with Portal’s ATLAS standing on guard. This room is a recreation of the demo room available at Valve’s offices in Seattle.

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