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Virtual Umbrella / VR In A Bar

Virtual Umbrella Brings Back VR in a Bar

Grab a drink and join the VR party with Virtual Umbrella.

The past two years has seen one of the most laid back virtual reality (VR) events there is in the UK in a location that not even the most casual gamer can resist getting excited by. VR in a Bar, put together by VR marketing company Virtual Umbrella, is exactly what it says on the tin: an opportunity to try out some of the latest VR games and applications with a drink in your hand.

Based in the Loading Bar in Stoke Newington, very much one of the most ideal hangouts in the whole of North London for gamers and non-gamers alike, VR in a Bar gathered together developers and VR enthusiasts to mix the atmospheres of showcasing events and afterparties in one, and what better time for Virtual Umbrella to celebrate its first birthday than surrounded by VR and the community that comes along with it.

Windlands screenshot

During the latest event there was a collection of independent and well established developers who spent the night talking about their products and enjoying some well-deserved drinks.  One of the major developers who featured yesterday was Happy Finish who showcased their VR app created for Honeywell which allows the tech giant to physically demo its latest products without the huge costs of shipping to exhibitions around the world, only using an Oculus Rift and leap motion tracker to let viewers reach out and select different things to try out.

Also to join VR in a Bar is Psytec with its much paraded signature VR title, Windlands – and with fantastic reason, too. This shows how tight and supportive the community in VR is currently as Jon Hibbins from the company shared his excitement of the mainstream pick up of VR through Windlands as he told VRFocus that they have been invited on to the Gadget Show and have received numerous positive reviews following the launch of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


A well-known face at the event returned after developing Bathleships last year during one VR in a Bar event. Useful Slug was showcasing its google cardboard – “the first time VR has been made with toilet roll” – and is a gem that manifests the true spirit of creating something new on a new platform surrounded by VR products. Other exhibitors included Cubicle Ninjas, E-learning, Property Scape, and Surround Vision who all mingled with the additional guests as they tried out what they brought along to showcase.

Virtual Umbrella don’t plan on slowing the momentum of VR in a Bar meetups, and it must not be mistaken as a once-a-year type of deal as the next event is planned for June 2016 with its usual free tickets. VRFocus is told that different exhibitors will be featured during the next event, and if you are thinking about getting involved in the event you’re asked not to hesitate to contact Samantha.

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