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VREAL and VRChat Among New Exhibitors for CVR 2016

New companies added to the event line-up.

There’s now just over a month to go before Archiact Interactive launches its public focused virtual reality (VR) event, Consumer Virtual Reality (CVR) 2016 in Vancouver, Canada. And with the event so close the company has revealed further additions to the exhibitor line-up, including VREAL and VRChat.

Not much is known about VREAL at present, other than it’ll provide a stream and broadcasting service for VR content when it launches. While VRChat  is an online platform that allows players to meet up and talk in environments they have created using the Unity3D engine.

CVR Header

Also on the list of exhibitors is VRstudios which commented: “VRstudios is thrilled to be sharing our one-of-a-kind platform for gaming and commercial enterprises at CVR 2016,” said Mary Jesse, chief strategy officer for VRstudios and a speaker at the conference. “We have customers around the world benefiting from our full-motion, multi-user, wireless VR system, making this international conference a perfect venue to present our distinct capabilities.”

While tickets are still available for the 14th May event, the CVR 2016 website currently states that 60 per cent have already been sold, although its doesn’t indicate which of the four available options may have sold more.

“CVR was established with the vision that first-hand experience with virtual reality is the only way to fully understand its potential,” said Derek Chen, president of Archiact. “This is a crucial time to demonstrate and discuss how VR/AR technologies can drive new efficiencies across a multitude of industries.”

“We are at a pivotal moment where advancements in technology will define our future with virtual, augmented and mixed reality dominating the market,” said Howard Schargel, 20-year veteran of the 3D and virtual reality industries. “CVR 2016, with its pioneering speakers and exhibitors, is poised to be the definitive go-to international event for this emerging industry.”

VRFocus will continue its coverage of CVR 2016, reporting back any further announcements.

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