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VRTV #4: Fierce Kaiju, Cherry Pop Games, Merge VR & More

It’s all about design, physics, and adapting to VR in this VRTV.

VRTV has returned and as it said in the Coming Up post last week, the gears have changed from a developers point of view with Virtual Umbrella and AMD, to the benefit of the consumer with two great studios and games to be talked about.

First up on the show is Paul Colls, Co-Founder of Fierce Kaiju, who has brought his talent from working on triple A titles to forming his own studio and creating its first VR title, Viral. Next up is Gemma Jessop of Cherry Pop Games who handles the creative side of things and knows all about the ins and outs of the VR version of Pool Nation VR, including the impressive physics and settings within the videogame.

Winners of the GDC Merch Bundle have been announce, so as ever make sure we can get through to you to get hold of your addresses. The next competition is a step up from last episode’s with a Merge VR head-mounted display (HMD) up for grabs, courtesy of Virtual Umbrella. To enter either comment below or tweet @ZeenaVRFocus what your ideal VR hangout is – on top of a mountain, in the heart of Paris, or maybe a dimly lit pool bar? Whatever it is we want to hear about it. All entries will be counted before 18th April, so any answers following that date will not be included in the draw.

Check out the next Behind the Scenes next Tuesday, and the next VRTV to follow on the 21st April at 3pm GMT. Until then check out VRFocus for the latest in VR news and features.

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