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The Displaced Oleg in classroom

Webby Awards Adds Three Further VR Categories

More nominees available to vote for at the Webby Awards.

Last week VRFocus reported on the 20th annual Webby Awards featuring a ‘Virtual Reality: Gaming, Interactive or Real-Time (Online Film & Video)’ category with five experiences nominated. Now it’s been revealed the awards will also include three further categories dedicated to virtual reality (VR).

The nominees cover a wide range of VR experiences from serious documentaries like The Displaced and Inside Syria to more interactive titles like Can You Walk The Walk?, a promotional piece for the recent film The Walk.


Below is the full list of categories and their nominations:

Virtual Reality: Cinematic or Pre-Rendered (Branded Entertainment)

Toms Virtual Giving Trip

Stella Artois: Buy a Lady a Drink

Bode’s Echo: A Virtual Reality Experience

Can You Walk the Walk?  Virtual Reality Experience

Discovery VR


Virtual Reality: Cinematic or Pre-Rendered (General Film)

Dreams of Dalí

Take Flight

New York Times, The Displaced

Orchestra VR

ABC News VR: Inside Syria


Virtual Reality: Gaming, Interactive or Real-Time (General Film)

Regis Virtual Reality Tour

Truffle Pig – An Oculus Experience

CNN & VR at the Democratic Debate

The Unknown Photographer

Way to Go

All nominees will be up for two awards, the first is the Webby Award itself chosen by a panel of judges and IADAS members. While the second is put to a public vote called the People’s Voice Awards which is open to 21st April.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of the Webby Awards, reporting back with any further updates.

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